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the Sanctuary doors

 Guzeevs’ Workshop produces carved Royal (Sanctuary) Doors of any size and design

 Royal (Sanctuary) Doors in Christian churches are double-swing gates, leading to the altar part of the church, and right to the altar. According to the charter of Christian life, the Royal Doors open and close at a scheduled time. Only a priest can enter them. They are the main gates of the iconostasis, symbolizing the Heaven’s gates. This element of the iconostasis is decorated in the most solemn and festive way, with beauty and even luxury of the Orthodox tradition.

  Our craftsmen can produce Royal Doors of any level of complexity, size and configuration, using client’s photos or designs, and also create a unique project of Royal Doors in order to produce a single copy of them.

  To manufacture Royal Doors only top quality wood is used, such as oak, basswood, alder, ash, and other valuable kinds of wood.

 All work on production of Royal Gates is done directly in the workshop. It is a team work of highly skilled professionals: an experienced designer drafts a project of a future Gate, our carpenters carefully select material and conduct preparatory work with blanks, wood-carvers work on patterns and designs. When carvers’ work on the Royal Gate is finished, it is processed against pests (on customer’s demand), coated with protective varnishes, painted with different shades of natural colors, with more than 150 options, among which the popular tones are "Light walnut", "Bog Oak", "Mahogany," "Rosewood", or is it partially or completely gilded with gold leaf of the purest tint! (link to the article on gilding)

  We can also produce Royal Doors for ready icons or we can paint new icons for Royal Doors designed in academic and canonical styles. The term of production of Royal Doors are two months. The ready Doors are packed in special boxes, interlaid with damping material and sent by delivery services to the destination.

  Below you can see the photos of the Royal Doors produced in Guzeevs’ Workshop, choose the design you like, or you can contact the managers of the Workshop on one of the following contacts (link to the contacts) and order a unique project of your own Royal Gates.


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